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The Full Story


Jhase's Sports Drink is designed to keep you hydrated, while replenishing WITH PROPER Nutrients, electrolytes  and providing GREAT TASTE. A portion of proceeds wills be donated to a hospital's  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU ) around the country. 
Jhase is a NICU Graduate, from Saint Barnabas Medical Center 2017. 
Jhase enjoys family, school and playing sports such as soccer, basketball, football and running.


Our Mission is to provide education and inspiration along with encouragement to all families that have had an NICU experience. 

The way we are doing this is through our Sports Drinks with electrolytes and nutrients. Jhase wants to help the babies.

We are currently in our early stages of building our brand, and perfecting our recipes !

Black Owned Sports Drink !  

Playing Soccer in Stadium


Our vision is to grow my son's black owned sports drink brand to youth sports teams, grocery stores and professional sports. Donating to as many hospitals around the country to help families and staff with materials that's needed for the NICU Babies.

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